Spice It Up! with Azul

BJ reviews Azul and asks if it fires any games in his collection.


Gumbo Live! #27 with Brett Sobol of Nauvoo Games

Are you a fan of Brandon Sanderson's series, The Reckoners?  Or are you a fan of Nauvoo Games' amazing first release, Stockpile, or their party game, Cross Talk?  Then you will enjoy our visit with Brett Sobol, co-founder of Nauvoo Games and co-designer of the upcoming Kickstarter release of The Reckoners. Coming up this month, … Continue reading Gumbo Live! #27 with Brett Sobol of Nauvoo Games

Best Games of 2017, Part Two

The Krewe de Gumbo looks back at 2017's Best Euro, Best Two Player, Best Gateway and Best Game We Didn't Get To Play.

Gumbo Live! #24 with Steve Finn of Dr. Finn’s Games Dec 12 2017

Steve Finn, designer of Biblios and many other great filler games, checks into Gumbo Live! to talk about his newest designs and what makes a great filler. Plus The Envie Game!