Spice It Up

BJ takes a look at one of his top Euro games from 2018


Gumbo Live! Episode #51 with Carla Kopp of Weird Giraffe Games

BJ chats with Carla of Weird Giraffe Games about Dreams of Tomorrow, their new Kickstarter

Louisiana Comic Con 2018

BJ and the Krewe de Gumbo volunteered along side the Southern Board Game Fest volunteers at the Gulf Coast Gaming Events board game library at the Louisiana Comic Con -- here's the highlights!

Spice It Up! with End of the Trail

When I left Mamou to move to Lafayette, one of the things that I left behind that I still miss is my occasional visits to the next door Tuesday night poker game. Guys I grew up with in high school meet every week to cook a good Cajun meal (my contribution was usually meatball stew … Continue reading Spice It Up! with End of the Trail