Spice it up! with Mysterium

Who doesn’t like guessing games? Over the last few years, some great filler deduction games have come out. Games like Dixit and Codenames have been great introductions for party gamers to the genre.

In each game, one person knows the answer, and tries to lead a team of players to that answer giving clues and hints without giving it away.

Both Dixit and Codenames are great games, and you can play them many times in a single game night. But maybe your game group is ready for the next step. Maybe they are looking for a little bit of a longer game, with a little more tension?

If your gamers are ready for a game with a little more tension, then Spice up your game nights with Mysterium.


Mysterium is a 2015 coop game release from Asmodee for 2-7 players that has made a lot of “Best of” lists around the internet. It is easy to see why.

The story of the game is that way back in the 1920s, a ghost living in an old Scottish home began communicating with up to seven players in a “seance”, giving out clues as to how the ghost was murdered. There are three stages of clues: who the murderer was, what foul implement was used to commit the murder, and the location where the ghost met its downfall.

IMG_1734The players will take on the role of “mediums”, ready to join the “seance.” One of the players, however, will take on the role of the ghost, silently handing out cards with dreamy artwork reminiscent of Dixit to each player. Hopefully, those clues will give each “medium” the hints they need to figure out the potential weapon, the person, and the location of the murder.

The ghost can only stay in the house and communicate for seven hours, so you have a limited number of turns to make your guesses. Once the numerous choices have been narrowed down by the players, the end game is a tense guessing game as to which of the remaining clues marks out the real killer. If a majority of the players guess correctly, everybody wins.

The box says that the game plays in 42 minutes, but taking into account set up and clean up, this is another great game that you can play in about an hour.

Mysterium is a great game. It is definitely a step up from introductory deduction games. But it is not hard to teach, and so it is appropriate for every level of gamer from beginner to hard core.

If your group likes the challenge of sifting through clues to figure out the real answer, and are ready for something a little longer and meatier than Dixit and Codenames, then spice up your game nights and pick up a copy of Mysterium.

Until next time, Laissez les bon temps rouler!




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