New TCG? RIP, my bank account

Good news, all you Gumbo fans out there. We have a brand new, to the USA at least, ingredient to add to all those gaming cook pots. The Japan Expo had some new and exciting things going on with it but the announcement that the Final Fantasy TCG would be translated and coming to America was definitely one of biggest for me.

For those who don’t know the TCG Hobby,  Hobby Japan and Square-Enix collaborated to make the game and it has been in Asia since 2011 and is now coming to the West with translations to English, French and Spanish.



The game plays similar to vanguard in the idea of having front and back line characters, the fact that you have no life total but instead discard cards from your deck and are “dead” once there are seven in your damage pile. The game also has some elements of Magic the Gathering in that you need to generate resources from your hand and back-line to play cards in the first place. Also these cards must generate the proper kind of resource for the card you wish to play.

The reviews I have found or been able to translate with Google Translate and my limited knowledge all say the game plays in a unique fashion not found in other games. It is supposed to play fast, as little as 20 minutes, which is really good for tournaments and game stores.

The whole game looks very interesting and the publisher stated when the game released that it was meant as something for both beginners to learn on, yet have the complexity that veteran players crave. The starter packs are 14.99 EUR which is about 16 USD while the 12 card booster packs (which is new as previously boosters were only 8 cards) is 4.50 EUR so about 5 USD.


All in all I’m very much looking forward to this new addition to things that drain my banking account. I like the blending of mechanics from other games, well known characters from all across the Final Fantasy lore, and settings. With any luck, this will be a good release and give all of us card game players out there something to look forward to.

The release should be in September of this year with three main theme sets being released in either Final Fantasy 7, 10 or 13. Each theme deck corresponds to an elemental pairing. If you want more info here is a link to a French review: (google translate works) as well as the images courtesy of this French site.

Until next time, keep stirring the roux.


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