Gumbo Live! #34 with Chris Wray of The Opinionated Gamers — Handicapping the Spiel des Jahres

Chris Wray returns with a free wheeling discussion of thematic Euros and his thoughts on the race to the Spiel des Jahres.


Spice it up! with Sagrada

BJ checks out Sagrada, a lovely-to-look-at, easy-to-teach, and engaging abstract that has a good playtime, great components, and an interesting theme.

Gumbo Live! #33 with Christian Strain of Breaking Games

Christian Strain was back last week to chat about his new projects working with Breaking Games and Grey Fox Games. Plus, he gave us the latest news on his own game, Asking for Trobils. We also chatted about some of his recent plays including Dinosaur Island, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, Gloomhaven, Reavers of Midgard, … Continue reading Gumbo Live! #33 with Christian Strain of Breaking Games