Gumbo Live! #32 with Jeremy Howard of Jambalaya Plays Games

Jeremy Howard, editor of the blog — and a prolific game evangelizer on social media @jambapg — joined Gumbo Live! this past Tuesday, February 27 to talk about his blog and some of the games he is hyped up about playing.

We chatted about Spirit Island and Fate of the Elder Gods, from Greater Than Games. Jeremy is more excited about Spirit Island than BJ, and you can find out why in the video.  We chatted about the beauty and simplicity of Seikatsu, and Jeremy also gave a run down on a bunch of crime themed games:

We also talked about his love of solo games including Michael Strogoff. And of course, Jeremy tried to stump the Krewe in The Envie Game, but did he?

Next week:  Christian Strain, designer of Asking for Trobils, comes back to the Gumbo to talk about some upcoming projects on Kickstarter.

Until next time, laissez les bon temps rouler!

— BJ

2 thoughts on “Gumbo Live! #32 with Jeremy Howard of Jambalaya Plays Games

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  1. Thanks for your discussion of Pulp Detective. Yes I did design a campaign mode to link the cases together during the KS. This will be included in the expansion box.

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