Kickstarter Hype! Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down

Now that Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down has launched on Kickstarter, we here at the Gumbo would like to provide some insight into a game that we’ve been playing quite a bit of down here in Louisiana.  First we’d like to introduce you to a few of our contributors so you can better understand the games … Continue reading Kickstarter Hype! Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down

Spice It Up with Scorpius Freighter

I discovered Firefly after the TV series had already ended. My deep dive into the board game hobby post-2008 saw a corresponding deep dive in the number of hours I formerly spent watching movies and television. My wife and I saw the trailer for Serenity, though, and were intrigued enough to go opening weekend. Although … Continue reading Spice It Up with Scorpius Freighter

Southern Board Game Fest 2019

It's back!  Southern Board Game Fest 2019 takes place on March 30 at a bigger and better location.  We're taking over the brand spankin' new UL Student Union, and filling it up with games, games, and more games. We have a few new twists to the Fest this year. We have even more scheduled demos, … Continue reading Southern Board Game Fest 2019