New Board Game Award Announced

A diverse group of industry veterans and board game media creators announced the very first slate of winners for a brand new award, The American Tabletop Awards, this week.

The committee named a separate game in each of four categories as 2019’s best releases:

  • Early Gamers: Catch The Moon

(Recommended: Drop It, Megaland)

  • Casual Games: Quacks Of Quedlinberg

(Recommended: Just One, Gizmos)

  • Strategy Games: Chronicles of Crime
  • (Recommended: Coimbra, Cryptid)
    • Complex Games: Root
  • (Recommended: Teotihuacan: City of Gods, Gugong)
  • The members of the committee should be very familiar to any board gamer on social media or who attends conventions, and includes fellow Punchboard Media members, Eric Yurko of Whats’s Eric Playing and Theo Strempel of Geeky Gaymer Guy.

    For more information about the awards, see their website:

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