Episode 106 with Kevin & Melissa of Tantrum House


BJ opens the pre-show — instead of the usual PBM bumper — with a call to action on legal issues regarding #GeorgeFloyd and #BlackLivesMatter. 

Then, BJ chats with Kevin & Melissa Delp of Tantrum House about their new Kickstarter for Season 7, and for a quick history of their newest team members, Shantelle & Jonah.  Of course, there’s some talk of some spicy hot games: 

  • Whistle Mountain
  • Maglev Metro
  • Dead Reckoning 

Plus, BJ, and Steve “The Name Father” play a new game with Melissa and Kevin called unimaginatively, “Board Game: The Heartthrob”.  It is a rousing new debut as everyone loved the game including the Chat Krewe (who played along). 

Thanks for listening!

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