Episode 110: Carla Kopp of Weird Giraffe & Galactic Raptor Games


BJ welcomes back Carla Kopp from Weird Giraffe Games & Galactic Raptor Games, and Carla brings the spicy games! BJ & The Name Father chat about some recent plays: 

  • Metro-X (how about those pencils!)
  • With A Smile & A Gun (with a surprise appearance in the Chat Krewe from the designer, Jon V!) 
  • Rap Godz

And of course, BJ & The Name Father get in a long chat with Carla Kopp about her ongoing Kickstarter for Roar & Write. Based on the Animals Kingdom game theme, Carla has designed a doozy of a randowriter with one of the best names in the hobby. It has beautiful art, is already funded, is easy to teach yet is a very thinky roll-n-write. Check it out now and tell them BJ said hey. 

Then, The Name Father takes over the show for the game — it is the return of the Boudin Bowl!  BJ competes (rather poorly) with Starla & Mik Fitch of Our Family Plays Games and ABC’s Good Morning America!  Can BJ even score a single point in the competition? With categories like “Aw, Shoot! That’s Cute! Big Brute! and Toot Toot!”, there is no guessing what games BJ will try to sneak past the Fitches. Will Alex successfully convince the Chat Krewe to boo BJ’s choices?  Find out! 

(P.S. Don’t miss Christian Strain’s comment in the Chat Krewe about news on Asking For Trobils!) 

Thanks for listening!

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