Steve Finn from Dr Finn’s Games

BJ welcomes in the King of the Filler Games, Steve Finn from Dr Finn’s Games!   BJ chats with Steve about positive and negative reviews, and Steve gives some good advice to budding designers. 

BJ and Eric then chat about four spicy hot games that they have played recently:

  • BJ – Lock Up: A Roll Player Tale
  • Steve – Foundations of Rome
  • Steve – Paris

Then Verla joins the show to interview Steve about four brand new games coming to Kickstarter on August 24: 

    1. Biblios: Quill and Parchment (KS)
    2. Nanga Parbat (KS)
    3. Mining Colony (KS)
    4. Butterfly Garden (KS)

But wait, there’s more!

BJ and Verla challenge Steve to a rousing game of Just One Medium with the Chat Krewe. Who is the big winner? 


Next week:  Grant Rodiek & Patrick Leder come by to chat about FORT from Leder Games


Thanks for listening!  

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