Le Scorpion Masque GENCON ONLINE interview with Matthew Legault

Hey, board gamers, BJ from Board Game Gumbo here. For the first time since 2015, there was no trip to Indy this year for GEN CON for the Gumbo Krewe. But board gamers are not going to be denied their chance to play board games and talk about board games, too.

Thanks to the folks at Gen Con, I was able to participate in a bit of the Gen Con Online experience. Plus, Eric Buscemi from The Cardboard Hoard & Punchboard Media set up a great Media Mixer for us at the end of Gen Con, (with big help from Chris Whitpan and Ken Grazier). Here is PART TWO of our quick run down on some of the publishers we visited and what they have coming out for 2020 and beyond! Click here for PART ONE (Gravitation Games, Motor City Gameworks, Board Game Brothas) and here for PART TWO (The OP, Inside Up Games, Thunderworks Games, & Inkwell Games) and here for PART THREE (Talon Strikes Studios, Board & Dice, Half-Monster Games, & Formal Ferret Games).

Our last update from GEN CON Online is a little late, but only because we had some scheduling conflicts at the “con” that we resolved a few weeks later, and then a massive hurricane messed with our schedule even more!

I met via Discord with Matthew Legault, with Le Scorpion Masque, a board game company that has been around since 2006. They are very well known in France and Quebec, and are making a push for more pub in North America.

Here’s part of their line up for this year, five games that North American gamers might want to add to their radar:

STAY COOL (out now) is a real time question and answer game that plays from three to seven gamers and takes about thirty minutes. Teams will have two people quizzing another person one at a time. That person has to answer one person verbally, and the other by using letter dice while being timed. The questions are just easy stuff, but the fact that you are using two different parts of the brain really makes it stressful, and Matthew says it has been as much fun to watch as it is to play. The game is designed by Julien Sentis, and is available in retail right now.

FLASH 8 (out in July) is a real time sliding puzzle type game for one to four players, with an excellent solo version, that Matthew said is finally getting a push for its English edition. Players will race against each other to slide their “electrons” around into empty space, trying to match color combinations. Every card you get is a point, and some have more electrons for double points. Matthew says the adrenaline really starts flowing when someone steals a card, and I hope to have a review copy soon to test it out. Matthew said there is a built in way to get kids and adults together, with a handicap system.

MIA LONDON AND THE CAST OF THE 625 SCOUNDRELS (out in August) has maybe the best name ever in board gaming, or at least it is pretty darn close. This is the newest game from famed French designers Antoine Bauza and Corentin Lebrat, and is a deduction game for two to four players that takes only about a quarter of an hour to play.  Players must help famous detective “Mia London” find scoundrels all over the world, and will do so looking at the clues that are revealed during the game. Matthew says the age range starts at only five years old, so it is a pretty good intro to deduction games for the whole family.

MASTER WORD (out in Sept) is right up my alley. Who would not want to play a fully cooperative word based deduction games? According to Matthew, Master Word will be familiar to those who have played games like Mastermind.  A guide will give seekers information on the master word but only the guide knows the actual word. The guide will use a token system to give clues. The guide is trying to get the teammates to hone in on the word but the tokens only give out so much information. There are over 300 challenges in the box, so you get a lot of game for the price.

Zombie Teenz Evolution (Oct release) is the follow up to one of the Gumbo coop favorites, Zombie Kidz. Designed by Annick Lobet, with art from Nikao and Remy Tornior, players take on the roles of teen agers trying to save their little town from the zombie hordes. Again! Le Scorpion Masque has been teasing the characters out right now. Admittedly, ZTE is geared toward a little bit older group, and it has more of a linear story. If your kids were a little upset at the way special powers were handed out in the envelope drops, Evolution hopes to resolve all that. You will find a lot of the same puzzly type thrills, but each game is expected to last a little longer to about 20 minutes

And that’s the line up from Le Scorpion Masque for the second half of this year. We are hoping to get a few review copies of these games to check then out for you.

Until next time, laissez les bon temps rouler!

— BJ @BoardGameGumbo

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