Crescent City Cargo news

Big news out of Louisiana and Germany:  Uli Blennemann, owner of Spielworxx, announced on Twitter today that tomorrow will be the Kickstarter launch of an important game for our area, Crescent City Cargo

Jason Dinger, designer of Captains of the Gulf, has the newest game of his Cajun Trilogy coming out from Spielworxx on Kickstarter, tomorrow October 13, 2020. This has been a long labor of love for Jason

Jason and I had a “brief” discussion during lunch — I say “brief” because like all of our conversations, Jason’s interests run far and wide and I always value our discussions.

But back to the announcement.  Indie Games Studios, in conjunction with Spielworxx, will launch a Kickstarter tomorrow that promises to excite fans of the Cajun trilogy of games from Jason.  As we reported on our show months ago, fans will be able to get copies of Crescent City Cargo as well as the second edition of Captains of the Gulf in the spring.

Jason said that the elevator pitch for Crescent City Cargo is simple: it is a pick up and delivery game about competing logistics companies at the Port of New Orleans on the Mississippi River right around 1908. At that time, the port commission issued bonds to improve the port, because the river and the wharf were not in great shape for cargo transport.  The funding greatly improved the facilities and dredged the river, and made the port what it is today.  As usual, Jason has done his homework on the history and hopefully we will see some of that shared during the Kickstarter.

Each of the games are unique, but the trilogy tries to weave a compelling theme, namely by exploring how boats and waterways have impacted our Louisiana culture and economy.

All of Jason’s games, he says, have four tenets in common:  they are driven by theme, have little to no down time, give players plenty of opportunity for interaction, and stress the critical aspect of planning in the game. As Jason says, your move may not make it impossible for another player to make a move, but it will probably force the other player to look for back up plans. 

As is par for the course with one of Jason’s designs, there will be a rondel, and he will have an unusual take on the genre. This time, the game will feature two separate rondels, with locations players can use. If I understand it right (a dicey proposition), the action you pick will dictate the starting point for other players on the main warehouse rondel, a cool twist on the mechanic.  For instance, if you choose to pick up goods, where you pick will dictate where the next player starts their move.

Crescent City Cargo plays from two to four players and has about the same weight and play time of Captains of the Gulf.  I expect that Indie Games Studios will have blinged out the production to befit the Kickstarter project, so we are looking forward to the project’s launch tomorrow. 

— BJ @boardgamegumbo

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