Flash 8 Review

BJ discussed his recent plays and review of Flash 8, a real time puzzle game for up to four players from Scorpion Masqué

Scorpion Masqué is a Canadian board game publisher that is making some inroads into American gaming with recent hits like Decrypto and Zombie Kidz.

How does Flash 8 stack up? Check out the video, but if your family likes those little sliding puzzles or the “little time wasters” on the cell phone, Flash 8 just might be a good fit for family game night.

Flash 8 plays from one to four players, and takes about 20 minutes. The production is well done, appropriate for a family game. There are four recessed player boards for your electron tokens to zip around trying to match patterns in a shared tableau of cards between the players. Get the pattern first, and you can grab the one-or-two point cards before the other players. When the deck of cards is all gone, count up the points for the winner!

What seems like just a plain old sliding puzzle game becomes something more when players are competing against each other. This is a real-time game, with all the stress that brings, so if that’s not your bag, you may want to mosey on by. But know that the length of game isn’t long, and you are always working on your puzzle, so the stress shouldn’t be intimidating for anyone. Plus, there are ways to scale down the toughness of the dexterity / puzzle part of the game, so different ages and abilities can still have fun today.

This was a surprise for us, a game that is more fun than it should be!

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