Omega Virus Prologue released by Restoration Games

Hey board gamers, Restoration Games has another big announcement. On the heels of everything they announced at their summer PR event, here comes a brand new two player game called Omega Virus Prologue designed by Steven Aramini (Animal Kingdoms).

The kind folks at Restoration Games sent the Gumbo a preview copy, and I got the chance to play last night. According to Restoration Games, the MSRP will be $9.99 (with limited copies at Gen Con, and then online direct from Restoration and via select retailers.)

So, what’s it about? The two player game harks back to the universe of The Omega Virus, a game from 1992 designed by Michael Grey that was very popular among board gamers. I missed this one, deep in my studies for law school finals, so I have no nostalgia for it like I did for Fireball Island or The Dark Tower. (Or maybe an alien virus is redacting my thoughts?)

In this version, players each have an identical deck of 18 cards with patterns of yellow, blue, and red cards. The trick is that some of the cards in the deck are “locked” and to be able to use them, players will have to match the corresponding lock patterns in the center of the table. These range from an easy “get all blues in a row” to very tricky little geometric shapes.

But the game play is fast and furious, because players are laying cards down in real time against each other. There are bonus points for finishing the challenge first (one, two and three points depending on the round), and additional bonus points for meeting objectives during the game (like smallest blue room or most red rooms). If that’s not enough to think about, each color has a piece of hacking equipment that must be laid out in the pattern and the first player to get all three wins the round.

The game was an easy teach, and we jumped right in. It was a tight match, each player focusing on the locks first, and then the patterns. In the end, I snuck past SneauxBunny with a speed play to get three extra points and to finish first by one point.

Was it a success? Anytime SneauxBunny says “let’s play that again tomorrow night”, that’s a good sign that it is a keeper for our date nights.

Hmmm…I wonder what that QR Code does? Shhhhhh……..

What else does Restoration Games have in store? We’ll just have to keep an eye out! But I think this would make a great game to play with Jay or Jerod on the Twitch Tuesdays show!

Until next time, Laissez les bon temps rouler!

— BJ @boardgamegumbo

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