MonsDRAWsity Expansion news!

One of our favorite party games of 2020 — to be more correct, one of our favorite games of the year — was MonsDRAWsity from designer Eric Slauson. We liked it so much, we even played it with Jeremy Howard live on our show!

Deep Water Games just announced another expansion of MonsDRAWsity in conjunction with the Shut Up and Sit Down folks. Featuring more than 100 new cards developed by Tom and the gang at SUSD, and art from the same beloved artists from the original (and even drawings by the Krewe de Pear), it is heading to Kickstarter in October.

If you have never played MonsDRAWsity before, the pitch is simple: players will take turns describing a fantastical creature that they encountered on the street. The other players will have a short time to draw what they hear the player describe. Hilarity ensues as players vote on which drawing best “captures” the creature. It’s so simple even four year olds can have fun describing and drawing the aliens.

Deep Water Games has really supported the MonsDRAWsity game, with two previous expansions already out and this third one on the way to Kickstarter. We’ll be looking for the project to go live in two months. If you have not tried MonsDRAWsity yet, and are looking for a great family weight party game, you really ought to check out MonsDRAWsity. Heck, as I said in the review back in December, I’m not going to qualify this game — it’s great for kids, families, and hobby gamers alike.

Until next time, laissez les bon temps rouler!

— BJ

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