GEN CON 2021: Scenes from Day 1

Hey board gamers, if you are like me and missing out on all the action in Indianapolis, we’ve got a showcase of pictures from Bradly’s trip to GEN CON 2021. (You can keep up with all the action by following our Instagram account.)

We played Alien: Fate of the Nostromo by designer Scott Rogers recently, and enjoyed the cinematic and thematic way the game tells the Alien story. Ravensburger went all out on theming the Alien area.
Here’s the interesting board and layout from Vagrantsong, the new game published by Wyrd Miniatures. It’s a cooperative boss battler designed by Matt Carter, Justin Gibbs, and Kyle Rowan with art by Nguyen Mai Diem.
Hmm, I’m not sure that I have much to offer on this one. Cuphead: Fast Rolling Dice Game from designer Patrick Marino and published by The OP is from an IP video game that I have never played. I’ll let Bradly and Carlos talk about this one next time we are live in The Gumbo Pot.
Prospero Hall knows IP games, and The Warriors: Come Out To Play is their version of a 70s cult classic film brought to cardboard. Bradly spied this one over at the Funko Games booth.
Cephalofair Games has everything Frosthaven for ‘haven fans at GEN CON, and Bradly’s got you covered if you want to see what they have to offer. No game yet; Isaac Childress promises delivery in 2022. We can all be patient, can’t we? He’s making a masterpiece, people!

Brotherwise may not be @gen_con but you can find The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged @indiegamealliance booth #1408. I just wish I knew what this one was all about? I’ve never watched the animated series.

Now this is one I do know. dVGiochi has been hitting them out of the park with their Decktective series, but this new game looks over the top. Wonder Book is a story book pop-up game for one to four players designed by Martino Chiacchiera and Michele Piccolini, with art from Dario Cestaro and Miguel Combra.

I know a lot of civ game fans are salivating about Mosaic, the new civilization building game from Glenn Drover. This is the latest version as the publisher gets set for delivery next year.

Follow our Instagram feed for up-to-the minute news and pictures from GEN CON 2021! I am hoping to get some pictures from The Jay Bell also, who is out at GEN CON with Weird Giraffe Games. Stop by and tell him and Carla Kopp hi if you get a chance — and don’t forget to demo Studies in Sorcery and Wise & Wicked!

Until next time, laissez les bon temps rouler!

— BJ @boardgamegumbo

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