GEN CON 2021: More scenes from GEN CON!

Hey board gamers, if you are like me and missing out on all the action in Indianapolis, we’ve got a showcase of pictures from Bradly’s trip to GEN CON 2021. (You can keep up with all the action by following our Instagram account.)

Sure, GENCON is all about the gaming, but it’s also about how you accessorize your living space. And this mug is pretty fly.

I promise that Bradly did not spend every minute of his time at GENCON looking at art. But wouldn’t you stop to look at these gorgeous 3D art pieces?

We used to play a lot of “Lunchspire”, our nickname for the Shadespire version of Warhammer Underworlds. The game is from Games Workshop, has amazing minis and tons of replayability in building your deck. To me, it’s like an advanced version of UnMatched.

If you follow our YouTube content, you know that Carlos is big into Shadows of Brimstone, a wild west meets weird portals game that has TONS of content. Bradly spent a lot of time checking out all of the new SoB stuff and you should, too.

I mean, seriously, just look at that thing!

Okay, so Bradly sent me this picture and I just had to laugh. I’ll just copy what Bradly posted on Instagram:

@iv___games has one of the best booths @gen_con. Looks like a dorm room for one of the characters in Mystic Mischief. No copies of Veiled Fate for sale though, I’m sad.

Again, Bradly has the best content on this picture, because it is unfamiliar to me:

Titania Rising will be an insta-back for me in October when it launches. A dual stage cooperative flip n write where you build out a map and then use that map in the second stage to deploy your armies. It’s a super well developed game with a great theme and maybe the only cooperative flip n write I’ve ever heard of. Definitely worth your time!

More Bradly:

Clash of Cultures: Monumental Edition may not be for sale @gen_con but if you were worried about the quality of the minis, they are gorgeous. No surprise really coming from @wizkidsgames Also that city, its 4 separate pieces. Your towns will actually visibly grow as you progress in the game!

We have a lot of WizKids content on our YouTube channel, so make sure you check them out. In the meantime, enjoy Bradly salivating over some of the newest stuff:

The Yawning Portal Inn is the new showcase set from @wizkidsgames Holy cow is this thing gorgeous!

Follow our Instagram feed for up-to-the minute news and pictures from GEN CON 2021! I am hoping to get some pictures from The Jay Bell also, who is out at GEN CON with Weird Giraffe Games. Stop by and tell him and Carla Kopp hi if you get a chance — and don’t forget to demo Studies in Sorcery and Wise & Wicked!

Until next time, laissez les bon temps rouler!

— BJ @boardgamegumbo

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