d20 Modern Refreshed for 20th Anniversary: “Everyday Heroes”

Hey board gamers, many of you know from our past blogs that my gaming started way back with Dungeons & Dragons, the old red box edition from the 1970s and 80s. I rarely play role playing games now — with the exception of the occasional game of Fiasco with Chris Whitpan of Game All Nite fame.

But, I love keeping my ears open to new opportunities. So we were excited when Dave Scott, owner of Evil Genius Productions reached out to us about a new project.

From the press release:

Evil Genius Productions LLC, a black-owned game publisher, today announced that it will launch a modern-day roleplaying game called “Everyday Heroes™” — based on the d20 Open Gaming License and the Fifth Edition System Reference Document to create a fresh take on the twenty-year-old game.

I never played the d20 system, but heard a lot a good things about it. It must have been popular because there were a ton of expansions!

But what is new with the revised take? Here’s Jeff Grubb, one of the original designers of d20 (and someone involved in so many classic RPGs like Forgotten Realms, Spelljammer, and Dragonlance) who is part of the project with the scoop:

Like its spiritual successor, “EveryDay Heroes” starts with key “d20 Modern” elements such as the basic classes — the strong hero, the fast hero, the tough hero, the smart hero, the dedicated hero, and the charismatic hero — but builds on this convention by introducing several new subclasses, a new wealth system, and a fully revamped chase mechanic. Grubb continued, “Our goal is to use ‘d20 Modern’ as inspiration, not duplication.”

Everyday Heroes will geaux live on Kickstarter later this year. If you want more information, check out their website at Evil Genius Gaming.

— BJ

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  1. I started out playing DND and when I looked into other games quickly realized it was really not the one for me. I have been loving playing and finding new TTRPGs. This and the other one helped me find more to play and I thank you all for that.

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