Crowdfunding Lagniappe — Projects We Like

Hey board gamers, BJ from Board Game Gumbo. I’ve been playing a lot of new and new-to-me games — expect some reviews soon as we get more plays in — but I’ve also seen an uptick of interesting games out on Crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and Gamefound.

I thought I’d highlight a few out this week:

Two Times The History: Space Explorers (expansion) and PreHistories

25th Century Games has a crowdfunding project on Gamefound for two interesting projects. Space Explorers is getting a new expansion (as well as giving new gamers a chance to pick up the base game)! Age of Ambition is from the same designer as the base game, Yuri Zhuravljov, and adds seven modules to explore the history of spaceflight. Plus, it adds a solo component for those solo gamers!

For more information about the base game, check out Sagan’s in depth review here. We are big fans of Space Explorers here in the Gumbo — I can’t believe we have not streamed that one yet, but we are going to rectify that soon!

PreHistories is a brand new game designed by Alexandre Emerit and Benoit Turpin from 25th Century Games that pits players as leaders of a prehistoric tribe struggling for survival. It’s got great cartoonish style art, and combines a great bidding mechanic with some interesting tile placement puzzles. You can watch our complete play through on our Twitch Tuesdays show right here.

That time traveling two-fer that 25h Century Games should entice any budget gamer. For $100, you get both base games plus all the expansions and promos and even a play mat for Space Explorers.

Rollin’ With More Roll Player Content!

Thunderworks Games has a new project out on Kickstarter for Dawn of Ulos, a tile laying and area majority game set in the Ulos universe that Thunderworks has created for a lot of their fantasy inspired titles. We have not gotten to play this one but I like what I have seen in the videos online.

Plus, there’s some awesome lagniappe — the project offers metal coins and extra tiles that can really spice up the game experience. I’ll be watching this project, for sure.

Modules, Meeples, and Merchants — More Merchants Cove!

Over the last year, no game has gotten more play in the Gumbo Pot than Merchants Cove. The game is so smooth and so good! Merchants Cove puts players in the roles of merchants awaiting the good adventures to come home loaded down with gold to purchase their wares.

The game keeps getting played for good reason. The combination of solid euro play, player interaction in the form of the selection of the adventurers coming to port for the scoring multipliers, the COMPLETELY asymmetric player styles AND the multitude of modules you can add to tweak your game experience all combine to make it one of the best games of the last three years.

Final Frontier Games has more goodness from the three headed design team of Jonny PacCarl Van Ostrand, and Drake Villareal (and art from The Mico, of course): Master Craft is a new expansion with brand new content. We’ve already played four of the characters, and they are outstanding, but I am hearing that there will be even more cards, more boards, and more modules! If you want to see us play The Treasure Diver and the Mushroom Farmer, click here. Or maybe you want to check out The Pastry Chef v. The Detective? If so, it’s right here. Plus, Jerod and I did a quick dive into the characters here.

Plus, there’s some lagniappe in the form of some replacement miniatures for at least one of the characters in the original edition that did not have one (I think it’s the Thief from The Secret Stash expansion).

The Wrap Up

So that’s a quick look at some projects we are interested in. Some of these projects we have already played, thanks to 25th Century and Final Frontier Games who sent us preview / review copies. Let us know what you think of these projects and whether you will back any of them. Until next time, laissez les bon temps rouler!

— BJ from Board Game Gumbo

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