ArchRavels: Magic Socks news

One of the games that we really enjoyed playing live on our Twitch Tuesdays channel this year was ArchRavels:

It seemed like the perfect game to play in the Gumbo Pot — colorful, quick teach, and fast playing time, perfect for streaming! Bradly taught us the game, and we played with Jay from the UK and Dave.

ArchRavels is a yarn shopping and crafting game for up to four players from designer Adam McCrimmon and Jordan Miller, with art from Rochelle Steder. We just found out that if you missed the first Kickstarter, you can check out their new expansion: Arch-Ravels: Magic Socks. It adds two new character types tot he game, as well as a new game element — the magic socks, of course. These socks will unlock game altering unique abilities.

There’s more content on the way in the Kickstarter — theme packs, giving you a chance to customize the game, like dinosaurs or crypts or even cute and cuddlies, and mini-expansions like Award Season.

The Kickstarter goes live this week, so we will be checking it out. Let us know in the comments if you’ve played ArchRavels, too, and what you think of the game. Here’s a link to the game that we got from the XYZ Labs press release: Notification Link

Until next time, laissez les bon temps rouler!!

— BJ from Board Game Gumbo

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