Kickstarter Lagniappe: Towering Purrfection

Hey board gamers, BJ from Board Game Gumbo here, back with more kickstarter lagniappe. This time we are taking a look at a brand new game from Flame Point Games heading to crowdfunding soon.

Tower Purrfection, besides having a punnerific title, is a competitive tile laying game designed by Andrew Kuplic and illustrated by Sara Jensen. The game is designed for two to five players and takes about twenty or thirty minutes. Note that the pictures below are from a preview copy sent by the publisher, so while the game is set for crowdfunding, final changes to the rules, artwork and components can be expected.

Each player is tasked with turning a warehouse overrun with playful cats into a sanctuary for them to climb around. It utilizes an interesting pick-and-pass drafting mechanic, where each player will draw two cat tiles from a random draw deck, pick one to add to the tableau, and then pass the other tile to the person on the right. Once everyone has done this, the tiles are revealed and both tiles are placed in your “warehouse.”

The rules of placement are simple:

  • Don’t geaux below the starting tile
  • Tiles must be supported by at least one square, no fair defying gravity
  • Cats must be placed upwards in their correct orientation
  • Tiles must always be adjacent to another tile — no floaters

It’s the “why” that is not so simple.

Each tile has one of four wallpaper backgrounds (yellow, green, purple or sky blue) or a bare brick tile, players have to think spatially to try to get the wallpaper backgrounds to match tile to tile, creating lots of scoring for connecting the wallpaper backgrounds. Some of the tiles have cat trees, and our warehouse needs to connect those too.

There are two bits of interesting lagniappe that comes in the game that will both help you do the above, and also give you goals to accomplish.

First, there are “in game reward” cards, which can give you a nice little bonus for scoring if you match it. For instance, in a recent game, we had to somehow manage to get four cats in a square.

If we did, we received a “kitten tile” which is basically a wild tile to place on an empty half of one of the tiles.

The “wild” means it can be any wallpaper bit you want, making it a little easy to get a big blob of wallpaper together. But, it is not as easy as it sounds because cats can be on either end of the tiles making it a puzzle challenge to line them up.

The other lagniappe is the addition of End Game scoring cards that give you overarching goals to work toward: having the biggest box, or creating patterns like valleys or overhangs or peaks. Tons of points up for grab there.

The game will come with 100 cat tiles, tons of end-game scoring cards and in-game bonus cards, and starting tiles and kitten tiles, everything you need to play up to five players. If you like board games themed around cats and spatial puzzles, then make a feline for the Kickstarter when it opens to check it out.

Until next time, laissez les bon temps rouler!

— BJ from Board Game Gumbo

A complimentary copy of the game was provided by the publisher.

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