Crowdfunding Lagniappe November 2022

Hey board gamers, BJ from Board Game Gumbo, back with more Crowdfunding Lagniappe, where we look at small projects from indie publishers that give you a little something extra.

There’s An Explosion In The Laboratory And We Are All Blaming Jay

First up, check out our friends at Weird Giraffe Games, who have a new project for a game we’ve played on our Twitch / YouTube channel called Explosion In The Laboratory. Remember when we visited with Tony Miller, designer of the original Fire In The Library on Gumbo Live? Ever wondered how the fire from Fire In The Library started? Well…one possible explanation is that wizards were messing with very volatile chemicals in the lab right next door, and that’s the premise of Explosion.

Explosion is a small card game, push your luck style, that me and Jerod and Jesse from I Heart Board Games had a lot of fun featuring on our Twich Tuesdays game nights. Check out the (video of our gameplay right here.) The new project is only $9 for the game, and it comes with a protective case to boot, and you can get your own copy of the original Fire In The Library, too.

Plus, there’s some lagniappe — not only can you carry this around in your shirt pocket, but the graphic design is done by our very own Jay From The UK — that’s right, another The Jay Bell project.

So, head on over to BackerKit and check out the project. It’s already almost funded!

Reckless Sloths Redux

Next up, we used to do a segment on the Dice Tower’s Crowdsurfing segment, appropriately called Crowdsurfing Lagniappe. It was a lot of fun trying to find “projects that won’t break your budget, but throw in a little something extra.” One of the fun projects we featured was called Reckless Sloths.

Yes, the Dice Tower krewe — except for Mike D — panned the artwork and the game right before playing my segment, but the simple story of two young people coming up with a dream and turning to Kickstarter to make the dream a reality hit me. I dare you to read the story of the development of the game and not get a warm and fuzzy in your heart. Double dare you!

If you ‘ve been dying to play a game about cute and cuddly sloths in deadly situations — and frankly, who hasn’t — but you missed the first project, here’s your second chance. No, I’ve never played the game, but it did very well on Kickstarter and the young couple’s company is back with more sloths. Check out the fun artwork and zany gameplay here. It’s already halfway to its funding goal already, so take that Zee! (Just kidding, Zee.)

Plus, there’s a little bit of lagniappe. Not only is the project less than $30 for both the base game and expansion, plus shipping, but you can even back other things with the sloths on them. Plushies, playmats, t-shirts, and even personalized cards — it’s all available. That’s a sloth of stuff!

The Wrap Up

Let me know what you think about these projects, and what lagniappe you are looking for in your crowd funded games. Until next time, laissez les bon temps rouler!

— BJ from Board Game Gumbo

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