Restoration Games Announces Unmatched Adventures: Tales to Amaze

The buzz on our discord servers and group texts finally has something solid to discuss. Restoration Games — makers of the Unmatched series, one of the most beloved skirmish games in the Gumbo Pot — announced today Unmatched Adventures: Tales To Amaze.

The press release from Restoration Games details a new wrinkle for Unmatched fans. In addition to adding four new heroes to the mix (Nikola Tesla, Annie Christmas, The Golden Bat, and Dr. Jill Trent), the set also comes with a cooperative mode where players work together to defeat one of the two included villains in the set: Mothman and the Martian Invader.

New battlefields will be included, with new minions for the villains to employ. According to the press release, the new set will play for one to four players and will go on Kickstarter this month, from March 23 to April 7 with a promise of a single pledge level to get the game and some promos. It will be a short campaign with quick fulfillment, where backers are promised delivery in July of this year along with the retail edition hitting FLGS shelves.

“One of the things we’re most excited about is how this expands the reach of Unmatched,” said Restoration Games owner, Justin D. Jacobson. “Cooperative play offers an entry point to folks who prefer less aggressive play or for families with younger players. But it also gives veteran players challenging new ways to interact with the system they love.”

Long time fans do not need to worry about cross-compatibility of the set with their previous favorites like Cobble & Fog or Houdini v. The Genie. According to Restoration Games, all of the characters in Unmatched Adventures will work with existing battlefields or against existing heroes.

Stay tuned for our Twitch Tuesdays for more awesome Unmatched content like these matches:

Until next time, laissez les bon temps rouler!

— BJ from Board Game Gumbo

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