Castle Panic Big Box – Crowns & Quests Expansion!

BJ and Jerod take on the Crowns & Quests expansion from the Castle Panic Big Box expansion. This is the definitive edition of the family favorite and beloved Castle Panic series, long a hit in the Gumbo and the Dice Tower. Jerod’s never played, and assumed it would be an easy geaux — but wow does the expansion really ramp up the tension!

The Big Box edition brings together all of the content that Fireside Games has put out for this beloved co-operative classic, all in one box. The original game board is there, but with an upgrade to the colors, artwork, and graphic design. The box also comes with four expansions:

  • The Wizard’s Tower;
  • The Dark Titan;
  • Engines of War; and
  • Crowns & Quests

Most gamers are familiar with the base game and the first few expansions. Even though Jerod has never played, I thought it would be a good opportunity to ramp up the difficulty of the base game and get a good look at the new content from the Crowns & Quests expansion. We threw in as many promo cards and promo towers as we thought would look good, each chose a character from a random draw of two different characters, and fired it up on Twitch!

Overall, this is a fantastic collection of the best content from Castle Panic. Castle Panic has always been a must-have co-operative game for families, and the definitive Big Box edition makes it easy to teach the family some new content and giving them hours of gaming. Plus, the organizer inside the box (and the helpful diagram on the inside cover) really make set up and tear down a breeze.

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

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