BGG.Spring 2023 — My Envie List!

It’s that time of the year again! It’s con season, and first up for us is BGG Con Spring!

With the Dice Tower Award nominations announced, going to BGG Con Spring gives me a chance to play some of those titles that were nominated that I missed so far. Plus, there are plenty of chances to schedule game plays of games I just have yet to learn even though they are in my collection.

Without further ado, here are the games that I’ve got the ENVIE to play (the ones I’m most looking forward to playing) at BGG Con Spring. If you know how to play any of them and will be at the con, let’s set up a time to play!

John Company, Second Edition

Definitely my number one. I backed the Kickstarter from Wehrlegig Games and it arrived earlier this year, but I have yet to dive into the 40+ rule book. Luckily for me, Chad from Slidell knows how to play and offered to set up a game. (And if you are coming to Southern Board Game Fest in October, keep an eye out for it as a potential scheduled game teach!) I’m looking forward to playing one of the short scenarios with Chad and then teaching Carlos and the rest of the Krewe de Gumbo when I get back.

Heat: Pedal To The Metal

Days of Wonder games still are eye catchers for me. They are always the right weight, and generally have been hits with my family. But lately, they seem to have hit a dry spell at least for our game group. Deep Blue was just okay, and I’m struggling to think of the last Days of Wonder game that we really felt we needed to own. I think Heat changes everything — it’s got the art, it’s got the production, it’s got the game design (at least from the videos I’ve seen), and it’s a racing game. I’m pumped and so is Dave in the Gumbo, so we are going to try to play this as soon as we get there.

Darwin’s Journey

The Board Boys Podcast has been talking this up, including on Gumbo Live!, and Rob’s description of this as a good combination of Newton and Tiletum has me juiced up. I absolutely love the premise of the game, as we play intrepid explorers retracing Darwin’s exploration of the oceans and islands. Can’t wait to try it. I am a little worried about the current BGG weight rating, only because I tend to struggle playing heavier games at conventions because there are so many distractions and my brain gets fried.


This is a new entry to the list. Alex from the Dukes of Dice texted me from Geekway to the West saying that he gave Challengers a strong recommendation. Alex has great taste in games, and generally we synch up. I like his elevator pitch: “It’s a deck building Capture The Flag.” That’s some good stuff, cher, I’m in. Plus, that weight rating will be a good palette cleanser from Darwin’s Journey.


I missed this one at BGG Con. Every time I tried to get in a game, the table was full. It was definitely one of the hotter games in the Hot Games room at BGG Con fall, at least when I was there. I am becoming a big fan of the designers, at least of the ones I’ve played recently like Bad Company and Santa Maria. But I have some personal recommendations too. My son played it: loved it. The Board Boys played it: loved it. Time for me to find out if this medium weight euro is all that it is cracked up to be.


Another one that looks right up my alley, because the combination of the theme (forest woodcrafting? yes, please) and designers already have me intrigued. But I’ve had quite a few people tell me that Suchy has another solid game on his hands, and I have yet to play a Suchy design that I did not enjoy. Time to cut some wood!


This is one I’ve seen nominated for a few awards so I definitely want to check it out. Plus, it’s a nice lighter weight tile layer in the vein of Number 9. I was not that big a fan of the game, but I loved the concept of placing tiles on top of one another. Combine the mechanic with the 30 minute play time and it’s something I definitely want to try.


Smirk & Laughter put out this cool abstract chess style game called Shobu a few years back, and I really dug it. I was terrible at it, but Carlos and I played it all during lunch at Gen Con one year. I saw that Curt is back publishing a new abstract about kittens bouncing on beds, and that just sounds like a hoot. Boop. It’s definitely a try-before-I-buy game, but my wife and I do like playing short two player games together. Since this is her first ever BGG Con, we will definitely get in a play.

Dwellings of Eldervale

Yes, I know I am behind the times on this one. I’ve had lots of people tell me that it is a game that I would love, if I could only play it. But I don’t know anyone that owns it in Acadiana, and so off to Dallas I geaux to try and sneak in a game. Luke Laurie made Whitle Mountain, which I loved, so I’m looking forward to trying his new spin on worker placement.


All right gamers, you know I am missing some good stuff here. What do I need to play that I have not covered on the show or the blog already? I’m looking for ideas, and I will update this list accordingly. Hit me up here or on social media with your suggestions.

Until next time….or until BGG Spring….laissez les bon temps rouler!

— BJ from Board Game Gumbo

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