Life in the South moves at a slower pace. We value good foods, good friends, and good gaming!

This Blog is dedicated to everything board games, but from a Southern perspective and with Louisiana flavor. We are your weekly source of information for the Deep South gamer, including news on nearby conventions, game stores, travel tips, game reviews and lots of pictures of board games and gumbo, of course. (Note that some of the games we discuss have been promo copies or review copies provided by the publishers.)

Speaking of gumbo, I wish I had thought of this blog name around New Year’s Eve 2015, when my family hosted an informal GumboCon, where we popped fireworks, played board games and party games, and ate a LOT of chicken-and-smoked-sausage gumbo.  I have lots of pictures of the games we played…but sadly, no pictures of the roux.

Until I make another gumbo, you will just have to smell the fresh boudin from T-Boy’s in Mamou, Louisiana that I cooked up as an appetizer.