What is Board Game Gumbo?

In Louisiana, we value good food, good friends, and good gaming!

This Blog is dedicated to everything board games, but with a Louisiana flavor. We are your weekly source of information for news from conventions, nearby game stores, travel tips, game reviews, game design and lots of pictures of board games.

BJ is the editor of the blog, and welcomes contributors who want to talk about that spicy next game, or a little gaming lagniappe, or even those voodoo games to avoid.  (Note that some of the games we discuss have been promotional copies or review copies provided by the publishers.)

You can find more of our content here:





Or better yet, we stream board games live on Twitch every Tuesday (and other nights, too)!


We love talking board games — and we’ve been featured on some of these outlets: 

Written Media: 

Washington Post article featuring BJ talking about Board Game Nights

New Orleans Advocate article on NOLA Board Game Swap & Play Day

Recent Appearances:

We joined Dan Patriss of The Geek All Stars podcast for an overview of all the games to TRY and BUY at GEN CON 2022! 


Visual Media: 

Playing Reavers of Midgard with Alex Goldsmith of The Dukes of Dice and Jesse from I Heart Board Games at Dice Tower East: 

One of many appearances as a Dice Tower contributor, this time on Board Game Breakfast

Co-hosting the Dukes of Dice Podcast, Episode 204:  Roux The Day!  (Alex may have rouxed the day he invited me in place of Sean, for sure). 

Talking board games and playing games with Chris Whitpan, the hardest working late night board game TV show host in history on Season 2, Ep 18 of GAME ALL NITE: 

I always love chatting with The Brandt from The Portal Gaming Podcast. This time, we did it on tape: 

An annual tradition — silly shenanigans in presenting one of the Squirrelly Awards on the Rolling Dice & Taking Names Podcast with Marty & Tony. This was the 2021 edition: 

An annual tradition — silly shenanigans in presenting one of the Squirrelly Awards on the Rolling Dice & Taking Names Podcast with Marty & Tony, this time 2022 edition: 

I love Married With Board Games / The Lighten Up Initiative’s Spence & Lara’s sense of humor, timing and board game enthusiasm! Spence has been on Gumbo Live, we’ve hung out at conventions, but this time we did some improv theater in the form of FIASCO LIVE with host Chris Whitpan and Alex from the Dukes of Dice: 

Audio Media:

Steve “The Name Father” turned me onto Leon, Mark, & Garth’s excellent podcast, THE DICE MEN COMETH a few years ago, and I’ve been a faithful listener ever since. But I was honored to jump on the show to do a Pendulum review with Steve and Leon. There were many inside jokes about the dice men’s hometown, so get ready:

Diceman Cometh: Pendulum Review with BJ and Steve from Board Game Gumbo

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