Gumbo Live! #37 with Jeremy Davis — talkin’ Kickstarter

The Game Geek Ninja returns to talk Kickstarter projects to back...and projects to Kick To The Curb!


Gumbo Live! Episode #36 Tony Miller of Breaking Into Board Games Podcast

BJ chats with Tony Miller about his newest game, Fire In The Library. Plus, The Envie Game!

Gumbo Live! #27 with Brett Sobol of Nauvoo Games

Are you a fan of Brandon Sanderson's series, The Reckoners?  Or are you a fan of Nauvoo Games' amazing first release, Stockpile, or their party game, Cross Talk?  Then you will enjoy our visit with Brett Sobol, co-founder of Nauvoo Games and co-designer of the upcoming Kickstarter release of The Reckoners. Coming up this month, … Continue reading Gumbo Live! #27 with Brett Sobol of Nauvoo Games