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Do you like talking about board games?  Board Game Gumbo, a proud member of Punch Board Media, has a weekly Facebook Live! talk show dedicated to board gaming.  Gumbo Live! is hosted by BJ from Board Game Gumbo, with help from Games Producer, Steve “The Name Father”, and Gumbo Overlord, Verla “The Board Game Ambassador”. Plus, they are always  getting pop in visits from friends of the show like Jason Dinger, Jeremy Howard, Jay Bell, and more! 

Each Tuesday night at 8:30 PM CST on Gumbo Live!, BJ and the rest of the Krewe interview industry guests, designers, artists, and gamers about their favorite games, the latest board game news, gaming topics, and convention coverage. Plus, they will chat about the spicy hot games that they see on their gaming tables…and even play a game or two with the Chat Krewe! 

You can check out the show LIVE each Tuesday at or on YouTube @BoardGameGumbo

OR catch the show on YouTube usually posted the following day for those who are not Facebook subscribers here.

OR you can catch the show in audio form on your favorite services:

Gumbo Live! uses Zydeco Piano Party created by  Media Right Productions from YouTube’s Audio Library, which as of the recording of our shows did not require attribution. (But, we love the song and would like to give attribution anyway!) 

The reviews for Gumbo Live! are in:

Alex Goldsmith, Dukes of Dice:

BJ is very successful at hosting a seldom watched FaceBook Live board game show!

Glowing praise from all corners of the board game hobby:


A benefit of watching Gumbo Live! that most people didn’t know:

Fellow content creators recognize the impact Gumbo Live! has on the hobby:


Some of the reviews are even positive:

Jesse from I Heart Board Games twitch channel:

BJ is a terrific host and he gets numerous awesome guests on his show….stay tuned for the whole show, because the end is when you can participate in a game show with the guest!

Here’s a list of guests that BJ has interviewed so far:

Season Seven

  • Justin D. Jacobsen of Restoration Games
  • Jeremy Howard of Man v Meeple
  • Josh Cappel & Darryl Chow
  • Phillip Millman, the Gaming Rabbi and Baseball Highlights: 2045 Champion
  • Monique & Naveen of Before You Play
  • Tim Virning (Thunderworks Games)
  • Matt Riddle of Motorcity Gameworks
  • Chris Glein, designer of Degrees of Darkness from Weird Giraffe Games
  • Omar Akil & Hamu Dennis of Board Game Brothas (Rap Godz, Hoop Godz)
  • Dan Letiman of Galactic Raptor Games
  • Ian Zang / Aaron Wilson of Gravitation Games

Summer Season 2020

Season Six

Season Five

Summer 2019

Season Four

Season Three

Season Two

Season One

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