Gumbo Live! Favorite Games of January plus Rebuilding Seattle + Atiwa reviews Jay and Jeremy are back!  BJ welcomes in The Jay Bell and Jeremy for a visit about their favorite games played in January. Then they play Rebuilding Seattle, a new city builder from WizKids, and Atiwa, the new farming game from Uwe Rosenberg and Lookout Games. And you get their thoughts on the gameplay!... Continue Reading →

Gumbo Live! Endless Winter: Paleoamericans Cave Paintings expansion chat BJ and Jerod finally play the Cave Paintings expansion! It's time to talk about why this might be our favorite expansion of all. Of course, Jerod mixes in a few other modules and extra cards -- we'll talk about a few new cards and other surprises we threw in. We give you our real-time,... Continue Reading →

Gumbo Live! Neanderthal Spaceships Invade Jay Bell’s Birthday! BJ and Dave throw a gaming marathon with Jeremy and Matt for The Jay Bell's big birthday celebration! After a day of gaming with the Krewe, they jump on stream for some lively banter and some gaming. You'll also hear a little bit about their Twitch gaming sessions of Poetry for Neanderthals AND Quantum,... Continue Reading →

Gumbo Live! BGG Con 2022 highlights with Adam The Austin

  BJ and Adam the Austin recount some of their favorite game experiences while setting up some games in the Gumbo Pot for the Tuesday Twitch stream! Thanks for listening, and Laissez les bon temps rouler! Board Game Gumbo plays your games every TUESDAY on TWITCH! @boardgamegumbo on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and Instagram... Continue Reading →

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