Kickstarter News

Kickstarter suspended three projects from two different companies this week, including one project, Papillon, that had already closed its campaign. Over 1500 backers supported the successful funding campaign for Papillon, designed by JB Howell, but were notified on Friday, April 19, 2019 that the campaign was "suspended" by Kickstarter and that their pledge money had … Continue reading Kickstarter News


Terraforming Mars: Turmoil — interview with Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold Games

BJ chatted with Stephen Buonocore about the latest expansion to Terraforming Mars called Turmoil out on Kickstarter right now.

Gumbo Live! Pioneers

BJ chats with Dom Crapuchettes of North Star Games about recent plays of Pioneers, named by Dice Hate Me as one of the games of the year for 2018. Catch Gumbo Live! each Tuesday night at 8:30 PM CST at

Spice it up! with Viticulture: Visit from the Rhine Valley

Euro style games, and especially worker placement games, are my jam. That’s a fact most readers would recognize from the reviews I post and my annual top tens. I especially love if a euro game combines a unique mechanism with something that catches my eyes -- maybe an interesting theme (19th century whaling? Beer making … Continue reading Spice it up! with Viticulture: Visit from the Rhine Valley

Kickstarter Hype! Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down

Now that Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down has launched on Kickstarter, we here at the Gumbo would like to provide some insight into a game that we’ve been playing quite a bit of down here in Louisiana.  First we’d like to introduce you to a few of our contributors so you can better understand the games … Continue reading Kickstarter Hype! Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down