Beignets & Board Games: Loot The Body

Quick look at a new fantasy themed, take-that card game all about exploring a dungeon coming to Kickstarter this week.


Spotlight on Southern Designers: Derik Duley of Lagniappe Games

Take one part of andouille sausage, one part of rice, and two parts of board gaming, and what do you get? Lagniappe Gaming out of Los Angeles. Here's the story of how a former New Orleanian makes it big way out West.

Spice it up! With Near and Far –Kickstarter info

Since I discovered hobby games, I have kept my eye on each new wave of young designers. I have enjoyed watching them push the limits of creativity. They are blurring the lines between mechanics and game styles, they are pushing the envelope on art direction and theming, and in general they are raising the standards … Continue reading Spice it up! With Near and Far –Kickstarter info