Gumbo Live! #34 with Chris Wray of The Opinionated Gamers — Handicapping the Spiel des Jahres

Chris Wray returns with a free wheeling discussion of thematic Euros and his thoughts on the race to the Spiel des Jahres.


GEN CON 50 Wrap up

We survived GEN CON 50, and here's our summary of the sights, smells and sounds from this amazing celebration of everything gaming.

Top Ten Stories at Gen Con 2016, Part Deux

Gen Con: the con where a million different publishers vie for attention with a trillion different gamers. Hyperbole? Of course. But it is true that many different stories bubble up to the surface during the Best Four Days of Not Sleeping, 2016 edition. (If you missed number 10-6, click here). Here is a look at … Continue reading Top Ten Stories at Gen Con 2016, Part Deux