Spice It Up! with Pigment

BJ takes a quick look at a new worker placement game — small size box on the outside, but how big is the game play on the inside?


Gumbo Live! with Chris Strain of Kraken Games

Chris Strain, co-designer of Asking For Trobils, talks design and fun with BJ on Gumbo Live! #3.

Dice Tower Con — Pre-Convention Report

Friends were made, games were played, and boardgamers took over the convention hotel. And Dice Tower Con VI has not even started yet…

Spice it up! With Near and Far –Kickstarter info

Since I discovered hobby games, I have kept my eye on each new wave of young designers. I have enjoyed watching them push the limits of creativity. They are blurring the lines between mechanics and game styles, they are pushing the envelope on art direction and theming, and in general they are raising the standards … Continue reading Spice it up! With Near and Far –Kickstarter info