Silver Coin announced by Bezier

One of the games we learned at BGG Con, from our buddies Nick & Andre, was Silver from Bezier Games. We’ve since bought a copy, and introduced it to new gamers, hobby gamers, and our scouts on a recent camp out, all with great success. Card-shedding games like Silver are quick to teach and super breezy to play, and we would love more content.

Bezier Games announced today that one of their origins releases for 2020 will be Silver Coin, the third stand-alone game in the series.

Although we have not played the second stand-alone game, Silver Bullet, we are intrigued by the next game. According to the publisher, Silver Coin presents “the most strategic set of abilities yet – including the silver coin token’s new flip power. Fourteen new roles ratchet up the way cards can be used together, and provide amazing new combos that focus on flipping and removing cards.”

Board Game Gumbo just received a review copy of Silver Coin, so we are looking forward to trying it out at this week’s Gumbo Game Night! Stay tuned.

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