On The Rocks review and playthrough

The Gumbo krewe turned into expert mixologists in a game of ON THE ROCKS by Pentree Games and 25th Century Games. ON THE ROCKS is designed by Christina and Michael Pittre, and they surprised us by showing up in the chat during the playthrough!

What’s it about?

In On the Rocks, players compete to score the most points while fulfilling drink orders from their tables. Draft ingredients, mix up hurricanes and old fashions, get tips from patrons — it’s all there in an absolutely stunning game production. But watch out for spills!

Our thanks to 25th Century Games for sending us this copy to review, and for the designers for jumping in the chat!Greece Lightning is a small box, family weight racing game themed to racing Grecian boats away from hazards like Scylla and Charybdis, with a clever little push your luck mechanic on the dice rolls.

You can skip right to the Krewe’s final thoughts and review right here:

BJ — “This is a fantastic game, we had a blast! A good one hour wonder, but with a lot of meaty decisions even amid the randomness and chaos.”

Jerod — “Super simple, super fun.”

I have played On The Rocks with two and three player counts, and it works well for both play counts. Sure, there is randomness to deal with in the draw of the ingredients and the drink cards, but the ratio feels right in terms of game length and complexity. The production itself is outstanding, and if you like the theme at all, you will be impressed by how much the graphic design and components match up to that theme.

Our thanks to 25th Century Games for sending us this copy to review and to Pentree Games for helping us out in the chat!

Thanks for watching!

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